COVID19 Backyard Camping

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August 20, 2019
Backyard Camping

COVID19 Backyard Camping with the kids!

We're all dreaming of our next getaway with the kids, but as COVID19 restrictions are constantly changing we understand it is tricky right now. 
No stress—the next best option is to simply open your back door!
Turning your backyard into a campsite is a fun and pretty easy way to experience the great outdoors and occupy the kids. 
There is no need to worry about weather (you can always go back inside) and there will be no complaining in the back seat “are we there yet?”.

If your caravan is stored with us (StorMyCaravan), we do have access Friday’s if you would like to add your caravan to the fun!  
Rug up and create a backyard camp by pitching a tent, setting up the camping chairs around a fire pit and crank the barbie for a cook up!
These 10 backyard camping ideas will make fun family memories and maybe even a tradition for years to come.

1.  Pitch a Backyard Tent

Grab your tent from the garage and pop it open. Set up how you would if you were really camping, except you will have the luxury of making it pretty and comfortable with lots of pillows, fairy lights and blankets. 


2. Build a Backyard Fire Pit

Camping, even in the backyard calls for a fire.
To keep it contained safely, place bricks in a circle and make sure the area is free from flammables or visit your local Bunnings and buy a fire pit. 

Depending on where you live, you might be able to collect your own firewood, otherwise you can buy firewood from your local service station.
To add a little magic to your fire  BCF sell Mystical fire flame powder for $4.49.
This turns your fire into a rainbow. The Kids will love it.

Mystical Fire Flame
3. Try making S'mores

S’mores are not an Aussie thing, but they are delicious! Have a go at making your own s'mores recipes or try our suggestion of marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter in choc chip cookies!


4. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Write the names of insects, flowers and rocks etc on paper bags and let the kids make a run for it to collect each specimen in the bags. Whoever finds everything the first get to pick the movie for the outdoor cinema (more on that later). 

Scavenger hunt example




5. Hot Chocolate 

Before you leave the house, make up a thermos with hot chocolate. This will be a nice treat next to the campfire when the evening starts to cool down. And for something interesting for the parents see our Red Wine Hot chocolate recipe on facebook! 

Red Wine Hot Chocolate
6. Play a Backyard Game

Sure, you could bring board games and cards outside, but if you're in your backyard anyway, why not break out some fun lawn games.

Backyard cricket is always a great one, otherwise make your own games such as your own version of Bocce,  using found objects you have around the yard.

Be inspired by the classic movie Basketball, make your own rules and scoring system. Maybe your kids will end up teaching their friends! 

BASEket Ball Movie from 1998


7. Make Damper

As parents we remember making damper, rolling it onto a stick and cooking it over the flames. You could go for a walk to the closest park to find the perfect damper stick and experiment with fillings once it has cooked. Ever tried squishing marshmallow into the centre? 


Damper on a Stick




8. Tell Ghost Stories Around the Campfire

If the kids are old enough for some spooky fun, gather 'round the fire and see who can tell the best ghost story in the dark. If the kids are not into scary stories tell them stories about things you did growing up or take in turns reading a book out loud around the fire. 


9. Make Camp Bug Bombs

There is a theory that Sage, mint, and lavender together make an  all-natural, non-toxic way to repel mosquitoes!

bug bombs backyard camping ideas
Bug Bombs
10. Watch a Movie

This isn't a traditional camping experience, but this is an exception. With a bit more planning involved for a projector, you can turn a white bed sheet or a canvas drop cloth into the big screen for an outdoor movie night. Spread out blankets, throw pillows in front of the tent, and watch some classic kids movies from the 90’s. 

Backyard Cinema


Hope you enjoyed our backyard camping ideas. It is great to appreciate family time and make memories you will appreciate when looking back on 2020. 

Stay Safe